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One of the best, most rewarding ways to be a part of the TWHS Band Family is to volunteer! Not only does it give you a "front row seat" to your child's Band/Guard experience, it shows that you care about what's going on in their life.

With over 300 members, it takes a (large) village to keep everything running, and it could not be done without our fantastic volunteers. There are a variety of ways to assist the band, we need volunteers for: hospitality, chaperones, pit crew, photography, uniforms/sewing, nursing, and much more. No experience is required, and volunteers always get the best seats in the house! Volunteer. Get Involved. Don’t Miss a Moment!

Moving a group of 300+ kids from school to stadium to performance and back requires lots of buses and lots of chaperones. It’s a great way to get to know the kids and other parents! Chaperones are needed to ride the (school) buses to & from games, and (charter) buses to & from out-of-town contests. Game days can be Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays. Whether you can help out once a week or once a season, we’d love to have you “on board”!

Color Guard
Acts as a liaison to Color Guard students and families, support the color guard director and provide assistance to students prior to performances/events.

Pit Crew & Props
Do you want to get full access and be at field-level at each show? Do you want behind the scenes insight into how the band program runs? Do you like to eat amazing food with great people at every football game? Join Pit Crew! The pit crew is responsible for the logistics of the band program – every load, unload, and staging of band and guard equipment at every football game and marching band competition! It also holds occasional workdays for prop construction, equipment storage, and other ad hoc events, usually on a weekend. We eat well, work hard and have a ton of fun – all are welcome!

If you have accounting or finance skills, the band could use your knowledge on the business side of booster club activities. Main duties for receivables: processing payments to the TWHS Band Booster Club and sending out parent financial statements. Main duities for payables: processing payments from the TWHS Band Booster Club.

Food Crew
It takes a lot of effort to keep our 300+ band and guard members fueled up and ready to go! Food Crew provides meals, beverages and snacks on game day and contest trips. Helping the Food Crew team on game day afternoons and competitions is a great way to get to know the kids and other parents. Consider volunteering for a couple hours, once a week, or once a season. Even more opportunities are available during contest trips. We’d love to have you join us!​

Lone Star Preview
The Lone Star Preview marching competition is our band’s largest and most important fundraiser of the year, and an important regional event for many local marching bands! Hosted by the TWHS Band Boosters in mid-October, all band families are asked and expected to contribute to this event in some way. Hundreds of volunteer hours are needed in order to make this event run smoothly and be successful!

It takes many hands to keep our kids looking spiffy week after week. During Summer Band, the Uniform Committee needs lots of help to fit and assign uniforms; on game days, they staff the uniform room before and after games, and are on hand at games and contests to make sure the band looks as perfect as possible. They also take care of the concert band attire. It’s a great way to get to know the kids!

The Band staffs one of the big concessions stands at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion at selected performances. Volunteering at the Pavilion is a great way to meet other parents and fans, hear some great music performances, and earn money that goes directly to your band student’s account! Email us for the new performance schedule, which runs April – December. This is a fun group! View Concessions Forms/Info

The Hospitality committee provides Directors’ suppers during marching season and judges’ refreshments for Region Band, as well as producing the Summer Band BBQ and refreshments for our annual Chamber Music Festival in April. Contact us for details on how you can help! All are welcome!

The Spirit Committee helps keep the kids hydrated and happy during summer band with popsicles every day at the end of practice. Spirit also puts together the goodie bags and sports bags for contest trips filled with luggage tags, lip balm, pom-poms and more. And the year ends with our recognition of the amazing band and graduating seniors at the Band Banquet. Help and donations are always needed, so please consider volunteering!

Our medical volunteers are trained parents (nurse, EMT, physician) who volunteers to travel with the band and chaperone team to address injuries or medical concerns. If you have a medical background, please reach out and get involved – we always need extra support at performances and events.

Merchandise volunteers are responsible for stocking, displaying, and selling band apparel and other merchandise items to student members and parents. If you are an organized person who loves to shop, we could use you!

Travel volunteers are one of our most critical positions in the booster club. We have needs in two areas: (1) San Antonio Trip (2) Indianapolis Grand Nationals Trip. We organize the band’s larger travel needs that includes creating room blocks, securing busses and booking group flights. If you have a meetings or travel background, we need you! If you want to help and learn how we do it, we need you! Reach out!

We conduct a number of fundraisers throughout the school year, the proceeds of which are used to provide additional financial support to band/guard program budgets. We are always looking for new ideas for spirit nights and need help organizing our wreath/mulch fundraisers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements to be come a volunteer?

For the safety of all students, volunteers must complete a CISD background check EACH SCHOOL YEAR. Once the background check is complete, you’ll receive an email indicating you are clear to volunteer. Please forward to the lead of your volunteer group (example: for the band to keep on file. Only those who have completed the background check and forwarded the email may volunteer.

Background checks for an upcoming school year must be completed after May 31. Background checks before June 1 will only apply to the current school year. Example: A May 10, 2023 background check only applies to the last days of the 2022-23 school year. A background check on June 10, 2023 applies to the upcoming 2023-24 school year.

How can I volunteer?

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of volunteers to make our Band successful. We have an assortment of volunteer opportunities that appeal to a variety of different skills and interests. And the good news is that it is easy to get involved!

Use the links above or come to a Band Booster Meeting.  Committee Chairs are always at meetings, along with the Executive Board Member, and they can help you get involved.

What are the main needs of the band?

The Band has a variety of opportunities to volunteer, but we do have three areas that are very important to marching season:

Chaperones: The Band requires chaperones for football games, competitions, and events. Chaperones ride the busses, and assist in keeping the students safe and providing support.

Food Crew: These volunteers assist in distributing food for the Band before and during football games. Volunteers are needed in the late afternoon in the TWHS cafeteria before the students board the busses. This is an easy and fun way to get involved!

Pit Crew: This is an essential job in the Band. On game and competition days, these volunteers are responsible for the loading and delivery of the band’s instruments and show props. Volunteers also help to move and maneuver instruments and props onto the field. This job truly gets a front-row view of the Band!